Our Products

With access to real-time data and real-time prices we can provide cheaper power for farmers all over New Zealand using our intelligent technology.

With farmenergy you control the amount of energy you are using, when you are using it and how much you pay for it.


Our solutions include a mix of:
fixed price & spot prices
on-farm distributed energy generation
solar & batteries
on-grid/off-grid network
tariff optimisation
& remote monitoring


We will work with you to find the best solution for your farm energy needs.
If you would like to talk to someone about our energy products or are interested in a site assessment please contact us at info@farmenergy.co.nz



farmenergy is a smart energy solution for farmers.

Energy companies aren’t keeping up with farmers’ needs. Although farmers’ needs are different from the normal everyday consumer, energy companies do not offer specific solutions for farmers.

farmenergy is designed to help farmers control the amount of energy they are using, when they are using it and how much they are paying for it.

T&C’s apply.


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