Welcome to farmers of New Zealand, I personally want to thank you for checking out farmenergy.co.nz.

farmenergy is about to deliver one of the most innovative solutions to the New Zealand agriculture sector in a long time by delivering a unique energy solution to serve our farmers needs.

Our mission is:

farmenergy will be the preeminent energy partner for the farming community, providing intelligent products using the latest technology to improve the bottom line for our farming customers.

  • We will channel the ENERGY AND KNOWLEDGE of our partnerships and use the latest advances in technology to radically change and improve the customer experience for farmers
  • We will provide FAIRER PRICES and the ability for our farming customers to influence their costs directly by analysing real time data and providing deep  meaningful insights and recommendations based on facts
  • We will do this by building an ENDURING TRUST and relationship with our customers, their communities, our partners and our people.

I can’t wait to speak and work with you all as we continue our journey.

Please fill out a contact form and get in touch,

Kind regards

Alan McCauley