Giving the Power back to Farmers

farmenergy is helping farmers reduce their power costs by giving them fairer prices and more control


Current State

Energy companies aren’t keeping up with farmers’ needs. Although a farmer’s needs are different from everyday consumer’s needs, most energy companies do not offer specific solutions for farmers but instead give them the run of the mill service.



farmenergy is dedicated to helping farmers reduce their on-farm costs. Harnessing the latest technology farmenergy can provide farmers with minute by minute information on their energy use so farmers can automatically control their usage and keep costs down.

Future State

The future of the agricultural industry will see New Zealand farmers with more control over their energy usage and the costs associated with them. They will have access to the wholesale energy market which has never been done before and they will have a energy provider which offers a true farming solution.


How it helps Farmers

Fairer Prices

Using our smart technology, we are able to open up the wholesale energy market to farmers all over New Zealand. What this means for farmers, is that they have access to pricing that reflects the costs of what they actually use when they use it and not an averaged cost created for everyday consumers. As farmers use most of their energy in off-peak times, such as summer or early in the morning, this means fairer prices and the chance for regular savings.

More Control

By using farmenergy, you enhance your control over the amount of energy you are using, when you are using it and how much you pay for it. We use real-time metering, apps showing usage & costs, data analytics & reporting as well as technology to remotely manage & control your site.

A Energy Partner

Unlike current energy companies, farmenergy is here to help you grow your business. We have a team of people who have extensive farming and energy knowledge ready to deliver honest advice and the best pricing on offer. When your business grows, we will grow with you.

Meet the Team

“The secret of success is to focus all of your energies not on fighting the old, but on building the future”

Alan co-founded Red Energy and grew that company to a $1 billion award-winning energy business in Australia. Further to his successes in Australia, he was able to transform a large retail energy company in New Zealand which had a turn over in excess of $1 billion.

With over 20 years of energy industry experience, he is leading the charge in reforming the agriculture energy industry as we know it.

Alan McCauley – Chief Executive

Natasha has committed to improving the profitability and sustainability of Agriculture. She is a Nuffield scholar and has dairy farming in her blood.

She started and grew a $500 million agribusiness electricity portfolio in NZ for a large energy retailer and has been a senior sales manager targeting agribusinesses in different industries for many years.


Natasha Tere – Sales Director

Sharon has spent the last 13 years in the energy industry, progressing from commercial & domestic solid fuel heating & insulation, to lighting, electricity & gas. Her site assessments are thorough, analysing where energy escapes & how to economise effectively. She also knows the front end from the back end of a cowshed, in case you’re ever in need of a meeting while on the job…. her gumboots are in the boot, literally.

Sharon & her partner contract milk in Hawkes Bay, equipping Sharon with extensive “on farm” knowledge & many interesting conversations with her client base. It goes without saying, her passion, dedication & commitment to the agricultural & horticultural arenas through the energy industry, prove a real asset to farmenergy.


Sharon Jansen – Business Development Manager

Jacinda is our expert in markets and analysis. Her experience in the energy sector spans 15 years in both Australia and NZ and she has developed a deep understanding of what drives value for customers especially in the farming sector.

An integral member of the team Jacinda will work closely with Sharon to develop insights that help our farmers every day.


Jacinda Jacobs – Markets Director


farmenergy is a smart energy solution for farmers.

Energy companies aren’t keeping up with farmers’ needs. Although farmers’ needs are different from the normal everyday consumer, energy companies do not offer specific solutions for farmers.

farmenergy is designed to help farmers control the amount of energy they are using, when they are using it and how much they are paying for it.

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